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Product Liability Attorney

Have you suffered harm from a defective product?

Product Liability Attorney

When a company or merchant places a product into your hands they are responsible for injuries sustained due to the malfunctioning of the product, manufacturing defects that may exist or a failure to warn you of the dangers associated with use.

In today’s society, this sort of injury is common. These types of cases arise more often today because major corporations have often decided to take cost saving measures rather than measures to protect the consumer. Without legal representation an injury of this type generally involves the injured party being bullied and treated with very little respect by the larger manufacturer or insurance company. To avoid being treated unfairly and having your claim taken less than seriously, contact Burriss and Ridgeway today so that your rights can be adequately protected

Product liability cases require a certain skill and level of detail that not all lawyers are willing to commit. At Burriss and Ridgeway Injury Lawyers, we will make sure that your claim is fully investigated and that resources are adequately provided, including the retention of expert witnesses and other tools that are necessary to protect your rights and recover for your damages.

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