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The lawyers at Burriss & Ridgeway aggressively pursued my case and were always willing to talk to me about where we were. I felt very informed about the process and never had a problem getting my lawyer on the telephone or scheduling a meeting when I needed to. I certainly would use the lawyers at Burriss and Ridgeway in the future.

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Hank or Beckie were always quick to respond. Hank was very honest about my case and helped me to make wise decisions. He never made outrageous promises, but helped me to understand my options and ultimately helped to make the best decision given the circumstances. I know I can trust Burriss & Ridgeway to have my best interest at heart. I hope I don't need a lawyer anytime soon but if I do, I will choose Burriss & Ridgeway and suggest them to everyone I know.

A Burriss & Ridgeway Family Court Client.


Burriss and Ridgeway is a law firm focusing on Personal Injury and Workers' Compensation. We pride ourselves on individual service to fit the needs of each individual client. Our firm motto is "Care Beyond Your Case." Our firm also handles adoptions, divorces and child custody and criminal defense.


We are licensed to practice law in South Carolina and service the entire state from our offices located in Columbia, Lexington and Orangeburg. We have a combined 30+ years of experience handling serious Personal Injury and Workers' Compensation matters.




If you have been injured on the job, your employer is required by law to absorb certain costs associated with your injury and pay you a lump sum for any permanent impairment that you have suffered. In South Carolina, a worker does not need to prove that the employer caused the injury, but instead must prove only that at the time of the injury the worker was engaged in the course and scope of his employment.

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